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Design and Layout Services

Worried about the work-flow, retail displays, or having enough space for all your stylists? Not sure how many color processing stations or shampoo bowls you'll need? Feeling overwhelmed with the project at hand?

We are here to help with your space-planning needs for your salon, spa, and barbershop.  Since 1958, we have helped thousands of small business owners maximize their budget and space potential for over half a century, and we work with some of the best designers in the industry.  Let us help you layout everything perfectly with our network of world-class salon design consultants. Let us be your partner, be a second-opinion, and a shoulder to cry on.  Our team of design professionals can help shoulder the stress of design-planning and help create a floor plan and design for your salon, spa or barbershop that you will love!

Professional design services can start with an initial space layout, 2-Dimensional Autocad Layout and go as far as 3-Dimensional Renderings, Electricals Diagrams, Plumbing Diagrams, Elevation Diagrams, Lighting Placements, Color Palette, and etc.  Check out our space planning blog (here) or get in touch with one of our world-class salon designers.

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