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F1A Skin Scanner

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The PARAGON F1A Skin Scanner is an essential, skin analysis tool developed for the diagnosis of skin types and conditions. Using filtered long-wave ultra violet light, in the safe 320nm to 400nm range, to penetrate the epidermis and manifest different colors on the client’s skin to allow for a quick, easy-to-understand diagnosis of skin conditions and facial treatment needs. The skin scope is an effective diagnosis tool that allows the esthetician to conduct a more in-depth skin analysis with the client. This professional-grade portable diagnosis system comes with 4 large UV bulbs and 2 small UV bulbs placed in a cross-configuration to offer maximum coverage of skin surface area for efficient and accurate diagnosis.

Model: F1A


  • Diagnose conditions normally invisible to the naked eye
  • Comes with full color electronic user guide with diagnosis color chart
  • Magnifying viewfinder offers esthetician diagnosis capability
  • Ultraviolet bulbs show imperfections in the skin such as dry or oily areas, or excessive layers of dead skin
  • Allows the esthetician to devise a customized treatment plan for each of their clients to enable best results
  • Internal mirror allows client to participate in skin diagnosis by witnessing skin conditions
  • Compact, portable design that's easy to transport


  • Standard(s): CE-Mark
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Assembly: Minor Assembly Required
  • Carton(s): 1
  • Proposition 65 Warning (Here)


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