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Facial Steamers | Tap Water vs. Distilled Water

Facial Steamers | Tap Water vs. Distilled Water

A PARAGON facial steamer, like the PARAGON Spartan Facial Steamer, can last you over 10 years ... and even 20 years... if you maintain the the unit properly. Distilled water is a crucial step in proper facial steamer care. Although we never recommend using regular tap water in your steamer, doing so forces you to routinely clean the unit and can shorten its useful life. Once you understand what tap water can do to your steamer, you'll never use it again.

Water that is treated by a water filter or purifier is not the same as distilled water, and the main difference is in the filtration process. Distilled water is filtered by boiling water to separate the water molecules from contaminants and hard minerals. The pure water vapor is collected on one side of the water distiller and any other contaminants are left behind. A purification system uses various filters, reverse osmosis systems, and ion exchangers to block out impurities.
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