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Cheap Barber Chairs

Cheap Barber Chairs

You got a tight budget, and you're on the hunt for used barber chairs.  You searches on Craiglist and/or Facebook Market yields you tons of pages of used salon equipment when all you want is a simple reclining salon chairs.  But why risk buying someone else's broken, defective, or incomplete barber equipment when you can purchase a brand new, built-to-last reclining barber chair.  

We totally understand the love for the old Koken Barber Chairs.  Trust us... we love them, too, but they are hard to come by nowadays.  The prices range wildly for incomplete or broken Kokens, BUT if you want a pristine restored or resto-mod Koken, get ready to fork out upwards of $10k per chair.  Make sure you test out the hydraulic pump (hydraulic base) and the reclining mechanism.  Those two components are typically the first components to fail over time (aside the wear-and-tear of the upholstery).  Good luck with that hunt.

BUT if you're looking an updated, cleaner look, look no further than the PARAGON line of reclining barber chairs.  Paying homage to barber chairs of yesteryears, the PARAGON line of barber chairs 

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