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Using the High Capacity Dryer for Perfect Curls

Using the High Capacity Dryer for Perfect Curls

It's generally accepted that the service most people look forward to at a salon is the shampoo . That scalp massage, that tingly clean feeling – we all look forward to a good wash. But it’s the moment right after the shampoo that we know our clients dread – the DRYER! We know that sitting under the dryer isn’t the most fun and patience can be difficult, but sitting under the hooded dryer is crucial to getting the best results from your service, and we’ll explain why!

Sitting under a large-capacity dryer, like the PARAGON Hoodie Downward Draft Salon Dryer, simulates air-drying by evenly circulating gentle air throughout your hair and scalp. This helps avoid the harsh heat application of blow-drying that can exacerbate existing damage or dryness. Typically, your stylist will want to have you sit under the dryer to get most of the moisture out of your ends and ensure your scalp is completely dry. Blow-drying is preferably saved for getting whatever the hooded dryer wasn’t able to dry out, ensuring every precaution is taken towards maintaining the health of your hair!

When you have curly hair or are getting a curly style like rollersets, sitting under the dryer helps to set your curls without adding frizz. The longer you are able to sit under the dryer, the better results you will experience! If you aren’t able to completely dry, which takes some time since we are using gentle heat, any moisture left in your locks will loosen your curls and promote frizz at the root. 

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